For a long time I’ve wanted to take MAIOHWN to the next level, but somehow I never really did. Last summer however, I finally had the courage to make some decisions and start fresh! Today I’m finally back with the results, and I’m so, so, sooo excited to take you with me on my new adventures!

Together with Nimlog/Munkicloud I’ve built a website for maiohwn that will provide you with an insight into my life, the things I do and most importantly love! 

For starters, you can now FOH.LOW MAIOHWN easily by subscribing to a personal weekly email update! Find your favorite posts via AR-KIVEget to know more AH’BOUT me and maiohwn through my PORTFOLI~JO. + follow me on

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*Coming in the future: a MAIOHWN  exclusive SJOPP

Love, Isabella