Today I woke up with the reflection of my round table mirror, projected by the sun into the corner of my bedroom wall. Because of it’s rounded shape folded into the even corner, the light created a kind of surreal 3D effect. And as usual I took way too many pictures of this brief moment. I really like these kind of moments, because I know that they will never appear in that exact same way again.

Speaking of disappearing moments; I am creating new content for the website that from now on will be connected to my instagram! Since a few years now I’ve had a lot of people asking me questions about my instagram feed, regarding the stories behind the posts, where they are taken and how I curate my feed. This made me think that after 1086 posts maybe it is the right time to let you in on all the detailed stories behind them! 

Here I will give you full insight information on my posts combined with some of the current exciting projects that I am working on. Can’t wait to start sharing this with all of you!