It was a Monday morning when I opened up my email with sleepy eyes, and saw that magical invitation to Glossier’s private dinner at OAXEN in Stockholm! I remember thinking; are u sure this email is for me? But YES it was! 

I have been following Glossier by Emily Weiss from the very beginning on Instagram and kind of fell in love with the concept. A very light and easy approach towards skincare and make-up, that states to enhance your natural beauty. Since I am honestly not a big make-up user this brand is right up my alley! For the past few years skincare has become quite important to me.

I more & more get that in order to keep my skin healthy I will have to put in that extra effort and take care of myself. And I believe that should be a fun, affordable and soothing process for everyone. At the dinner I received these skincare products to try, and the packaging alone makes me want to use everything at once! I will be sharing my thoughts with you in the upcoming weeks, mostly through instagram so stay in touch!

A fun secret for my Swedish readers:

Glossier will start shipping to Stockholm by Summer 2018